A long time ago, Angels ruled the Earth and kept it in a constant state of peace and balance. However, an evil force betrayed them and they fell into a deep sleep, which set the planet into chaos. Now some heroes are fighting to restore peace, hoping for the balance to come back.

League of Angels 2 ángel 2


Many aspects of the game have been automated so you can focus on creating the best team and winning the battles. You must improve and equip your angels. To do this, you can use battles against NPCs in the PvE mode, where you will get to know game's plot, but the real challenge is to fight against other players in PvP modes.

The game also has mini-games to distract yourself for a while from the main story. They also introduce own game development features, such as having your garden to increase resources or steal from others. You can also build buildings, participate in the various events taking place throughout the day, find hidden missions, combat bosses and earn more experience points.

If you like games with RPG features and strategy and want to enjoy the beauty of angels, League of Angels 2 is your game!

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  • Title: League of Angels 2
  • Category: MMORPG
  • Platform: Web browser
  • Language: Spanish, English, Turkish and more