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In compliance with Law 34/2002, July 11th, in the Law for the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, users of this website are informed that these General Conditions regulate the use of the Internet Portal that places At the disposal of Internet users (hereinafter, the Portal)

General Information on the Website: The website remains property of TEXYON GAMES SL., company VAT number B98544513, domiciled at C/ Rafael Alberti nº 6 - 4, 46970 Alaquas, Valencia. The company is legally registered in the Mercantile Registry, in the city of Valencia, Volume 9641, Book 6923, Folio 218, Page v-154364 Registration.


Access and/or usage of this website attributes visitors the condition of user, accepting, from that same moment, fully and without reservation, these General Conditions.

The user promises to use the website and its services and content without violating current legislation, with good faith, bearing in mind the accepted uses and public order. At the same time, it is forbidden to use the website for any purpose that is unlawful or harmful to the company that owns the website or any third party, in any way that can cause injury or prevent the normal functioning of the website.

Access and/or usage of will be carried out under the single and exclusive responsibility of the user. This responsibility will extend to the use, by the user or by any third party, of any password or similar allocated for access to the website or to any of its services.

Notwithstanding the above, TEXYON GAMES SL. reserves the right to refuse, at any time and without prior warning, access to the website to those users who do not comply with these General Conditions or the Particular Conditions that may be applied in each case.

TEXYON GAMES SL. may modify, unilaterally and without prior warning, the structure and design of the website, provided that it is considered necessary, and they may also modify or eliminate the services, content and conditions of access and/or use of the website.

TEXYON GAMES SL. does not give any guarantees and is in no case responsible for damages or detriment of any nature that may result in:

  • -The lack of availability, maintenance and effective functioning of the Website and/or its services or content.
  • -The lack of usability, suitability or validity of the Website and/or its services or content to satisfy the needs, specific results or expectations of users.
  • -Illegal, negligent, fraudulent use, contrary to the present General Conditions and the good faith, as well as, the generally accepted uses or public order of the website, its services or content, by the users.
  • -The failure on the part of third parties of their obligations or commitments in relation to the services provided to users through the website.

Individuals or entities wishing to make or make a hyperlink from a web page from another internet portal to any of the TEXYON GAMES SL ( portal pages must comply with the following conditions:

Total or partial reproduction of any of the services or content of the portal is not permited. No deep-links or IMG or image links, nor frames with website pages will be allowed without the express permission of Texyon Games SL ( No false, inaccurate or incorrect will be included on the website, its employees, or the services or content offered. Except for any signs that are part of the “hyperlink”, the website on which it is found may not contain any trademark, trade name, label, name, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to Texyon Games SL unless authorized by Texyon Games SL.

The creation of a “hyperlink” does not imply the existence of any relationship between TEXYON GAMES and the owner of the website or portal from which it is made, nor any knowledge or acceptance by TEXYON GAMES of the services and content offered on that website. TEXYON GAMES SL. is not responsible for the content or services made available to the public on any website containing a "hyperlink" or the information and statements included therein.

The web page on which the hyperlink appears may not contain any information which is illegal, contrary to morality and generally accepted good practices and public order, nor include contents which infringe the rights of third parties. These links have the sole function of facilitating users to search for information, content and services on the Internet, but in no case be considered a suggestion, recommendation or invitation to visit them. TEXYON GAMES SL. does not own the content, services, information and statements available on these websites. TEXYON GAMES SL. assume no responsibility, even indirectly or indirectly, for damages of any kind arising from access, maintenance, use, quality, legality, reliability and usefulness of the contents, information, communications, opinions , events, products and existing or offered on websites not managed by and which are accessible through the portal.

All trademarks, trade names or logos of any kind that appear on the website are owned by TEXYON GAMES SL., or its licensors, and it may not be construed that the use or access to the website and/or the website services gives the user any rights over trademarks, trade names and/or distinctive signs and their use. In particular, the brands included in the Portal are subject to the laws applicable in the field of industrial property, being prohibited their reproduction or use without permission from the owner. To the effects of preserving possible intellectual property rights in the event that any user or third party should consider that a violation of their legitimate rights has occurred as a result of the introduction of certain contents into the website, they must notify TEXYON GAMES SL of the circumstance, providing the following information:

Personal details of the holder of the allegedly infringed rights concerned. If the claim is submitted by other than the subject, they must indicate on whose behalf they are acting.

Indication of contents protected by intellectual property rights and location within the website.

Proof of the abovementioned intellectual property rights.

Express declaration of the stakeholder taking responsibility for the veracity of the information provided.

Legitimacy of the intellectual or industrial property rights related to the contents provided by third parties is exclusively their own.

All charges incurred on TEXYON GAMES S.L. and all purchases made with Texyon credits are payable in advance and final, and none of them is fully or partially refundable, regardless of the method of payment chosen, except as expressly provided in this agreement.

If the user belongs to the European Union, they have the right to withdraw from a digital content purchase transaction without paying anything or giving any reason before the delivery of the content has begun or before the service has started. Instead, they will not have the right to withdraw from a transaction or obtain a refund of the money once the delivery of the content or the provision of the service has begun.

At this point, once the transaction is started, it cannot be undone. By this agreement, the user agrees that the delivery of the digital content and the associated subscription or the provision of the associated service begin at the moment in which the digital content is added to their account or inventory or given access to it in any other way so it can be downloaded or used.

By providing to TEXTON GAMES SL or to one of its payment processors the information necessary to make the payment, the user declares before TEXYON GAMES S.L. that the user is the authorized user of the card, PIN, key or account associated with that payment, also authorizes TEXYON GAMES S.L. to charge to their credit card or to process through the external payment processor chosen for any subscription, payment of any subscription, charge of Texyon credits and other expenses that can be charged to the user. TEXYON GAMES S.L. may request the user to provide their address or any other information, in order that TEXYON GAMES S.L. can fulfill all the obligations of the current tax legislation.

If the use of the services of TEXYON GAMES S.L is subject to some type of tax (for the use of the services of TEXYON GAMES S.L. or purchase), TEXYON GAMES S.L. can charge those taxes to the user. The value added tax of the European Union (VAT) charged by TEXYON GAMES S.L. reflects the VAT applicable to the value of any software, subscription or service as provided by TEXYON GAMES S.L.

The user agrees not to use a proxy server or other methods to mask the IP and hide their place of residence, either to avoid geographical restrictions on the content of the game, to buy at prices not applicable to their geographical area or to any other Purpose. If the user violates this condition, TEXYON GAMES S.L. reserves the right to cancel access to that user's account.

The user as the owner of the account is responsible for all charges derived from it, including taxes, as well as all purchases made by the user or anyone who uses your account, whether or not the user. If the user cancels their account, TEXYON GAMES S.L. reserves the right to charge the charges, surcharges or costs that were generated before the cancellation of the user's account. For that TEXYON GAMES S.L. authorizes a user to register again once the account has been canceled, the user in question must clear all unpaid accounts if they exist.

Subscriptions can be acquired through an authorized distributor of TEXYON GAMES S.L. The "product key" provided when making this purchase must be used to activate the subscription. If you purchase a subscription from an authorized distributor of TEXYON GAMES S.L., you agree to address any question relating to the product key to that dealer.

In some cases, TEXYON GAMES S.L. can offer a free subscription to certain services, software or content. As in the case of any other subscription, the user is always responsible for any charge of their Internet service provider, telephone or other connections that they incur when using TEXYON GAMES S.L. even when TEXYON GAMES S.L. offers a subscription for free.

TEXYON GAMES S.L. may provide links to third party websites. Some of these sites may charge separate charges that are additional and are not included in the subscription charges or other charges that the user must pay TEXYON GAMES S.L. Also, TEXYON GAMES S.L. may give access to other distributors who provide content, goods or services through TEXYON GAMES S.L. or online. The user is responsible for any additional charges or obligations arising from his relationship with those other distributors. TEXYON GAMES S.L. makes no promises or warranties, express or implied, with respect to any third party sites. Specifically, TEXYON GAMES S.L. makes no promises or guarantees that a particular service or subscription offered through third parties will not change, will not be interrupted or canceled.

The acceptance of the present general conditions implies also the acceptance of the general conditions of use of the portal





In compliance with Law 34/2002, July 11th, in the Law for the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, you are advised of the use of cookies on websites and TEXYON GAMES SL applications in order to facilitate and improve browsing to users, remembering where they browsed on the website, their username when registering, preferences and display settings, and offering each user information that may be of interest. What are cookies? A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer when you access certain websites. Among other things, cookies allow a website to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or their computer and, depending on the information they contain and the way they use their computer, cookies can be used to recognize the user. A cookie is stored on a computer in order to identify the browser as you interact with our websites or applications. A website can set a cookie in the browser if its preferences allow it. A browser only permits a Web site to access the cookies it sets, not to those under other websites. Cookies are only associated with a user and your computer and do not provide references that allow the user's personal data. You can configure your browser to notify and reject the installation of cookies sent by the website.

  • a) operational reasons: balancing and limiting traffic as a method of service assurance;
  • b) ease of use: enabling use and making the portal more user-friendly: customization of the website, language, country, browser, etc.

Technical cookies: to help improve the quality of our service, including storing user preferences, improving the selection of advertisement that is presented to us, search results as well as tracking user trends. Cookies are also used in advertising media to help advertisers manage their advertising through the web.

Commercial: displaying our own targeted advertisements or that of advertisers depending on browsing habits of each user, in addition to monitoring the efficiency of such advertising.

Statistical cookies: are used to track on the search engine from which you have visited the website and what search terms were used to find, calculate time spent on the web in each session and the number of times the user has visited the page.

Session cookies: store information of the type of user in the community of TEXYON GAMES S.L saving the nick of user to avoid introducing it page by page, also it keeps encrypted information and information on the favorites of the user.

Analytic cookies: are processed by either us or by third parties, they allow us to quantify the number of users and statistically measure and analyze how the user uses the service offered. To do this, your browsing habits on our website are analyzed in order to improve the range of products or services that we offer you. /p>

Cookies used in TEXYON GAMES S.L. may have the following types of maturities: a) Session cookies: technical cookies that are deleted when the user exits the site; b) Service cookies: related to some personalized service within the site, with less than twenty-four hours (24h); c) Permanent cookies: are permanently installed in your browser and are activated every time you visit the site, as long as its use is not deactivated.

You can manage the cookies through the configuration of your browser or device, in the event that you decide to block them, certain services that need their use may not be available to you. You can perform the management of cookies in the following locations of the most popular browsers:

  • -Internet Explorer, through the menu option Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced
  • - Firefox, through the menu option Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies
  • -Chrome, click on the tools button, then settings, and finally advanced settings, proxy settings, “use personalized settings for history” Privacy
  • -Safari, click on the general settings menu access button, then preferences and choose the Privacy option

If you keep browsing after being informed about our Cookies Policy, you accept the use of cookies. However, if you want, you can change the configuration at any time by setting your browser to accept or not the cookies you receive or to notify you when a server wants to save a cookie. We inform you that in the case of blocking or not accepting the installation of cookies, it is possible that certain services are not available without the use of these or that you cannot access certain services nor take full advantage of everything that our websites and applications Offer. In addition to the use of cookies of TEXYON GAMES S.L, we allow third parties to set cookies and access them on your computer. The consent of the use of the cookies of these companies is linked to the navigation by this site. TEXYON GAMES S.L thanks you for accepting cookies, this helps us to obtain more precise data that allow us to improve the content and the design of our web pages and applications to adapt them to your preferences. In the event that TEXYON GAMES SL will provide a special service in which it determines specific provisions different from these in relation to the protection of personal data and the use of cookies, the particular rules indicated for that service in particular on the Gifts. When you access this website or application for the first time, you will see a window where you are informed of the use of cookies and where you can consult this Cookies Policy. If you continue browsing or click on a link, it will be understood that you have consented to our cookies policy and, therefore, its storage on your computer or device.

TEXYON GAMES S.L. shall assume no liability deriving from the incorrect, inappropriate or unlawful use of the information appearing on this website. Neither shall it assume any liability deriving from the lack of veracity, completeness, accuracy or updating of the data or information contained on the pages of its website. TEXYON GAMES S.L. site may contain links to other third party websites. TEXYON GAMES S.L. has no control over such sites and therefore cannot assume any liability for content which may appear in the same.

This website uses the tool Google Adwords, which will publish in Google Content Network ads based on previous visits to our web users. To achieve this, the pages of our website include a code or remarketing tag to set cookies to determine the type of ad that is displayed to the user. Remarketing lists are stored in a database on Google’s servers, where all cookie IDs associated with each list or interest category are stored. Regarding remarketing cookies, users can disable the use of cookies visiting the opt-out page.

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In compliance with Article 10, Law 34/2002, from July 11th, in the Law for Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (hereinafter, LSSI-CE), the recipients of the service and the competent bodies are informed in an express, precise and unequivocal manner of the following aspects relating to the service provider of the information society:

  • ACTIVITY: Online Games
  • ADDRESS: C/ Rafael Alberti 6, 1º, 46960, Alaquás (Valencia), España.
  • E-MAIL:
  • REGISTRATION DATA IN THE MERCANTIL REGISTRY: Registered in the Mercantile Register of VALENCIA Volume 9641, Book 6923, Folio 218, Section 8, Sheet V 154364



In compliance with Article 5 of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13th, on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter, LOPD), we inform you expressly, precisely and unequivocally that the data provided, through the forms on our website or any other channel of collection thereof, as well as those generated during your relationship with our entity, will be subject to processing in the files of TEXYON GAMES, SL duly notified in the General Register of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, for the purpose of complying with the relationship of the recipient of the service with our entity and the provision of services derived from it.

In compliance with the provisions of the above mentioned LOPD and Law 34/2002, of July 11th, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (hereinafter, LSSI-CE), we inform you that your data may be used to send commercial and courtesy communications related to our entity through telephone, ordinary mail, fax, e-mail or equivalent electronic means of communication.

We inform you that your data will be given in all cases where it is necessary for the development, compliance and control of the relationship of the recipient of the service with our entity or in the cases authorized by a rule with the rank of law, and, in particular, where one of the following is true: (a) the treatment or assignment is intended to satisfy a legitimate interest of the controller or the assignee covered by that rule; B) the treatment or transfer of the data is necessary for the controller to fulfill a duty imposed by said standard.


The consent for the processing of your data for the purposes described in the previous section will be understood by means of the marking of the corresponding box arranged for the effect on our website.


The completion of each and every one of the fields that appear on the forms provided for this purpose on our website is mandatory (otherwise, fields marked with an asterisk will be mandatory). The refusal to provide your data would entail the impossibility of maintaining and fulfilling the relationship of the recipient of the service with our entity, since these are necessary for the provision of services derived from it.


The recipient of the service shall be solely responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided, acting TEXYON GAMES, S.L in good faith as a mere service provider.

In the event that the recipient of the service provides false information or third party information without their consent to do so, the person affected or interested shall be personally liable to TEXYON GAMES, S.L., to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection and, where applicable, the regional authorities of data protection, and the responsibilities derived from such circumstance.

TEXYON GAMES, S.L does not collect data from identities under the age of fourteen through this website. In the event that a person under the age of fourteen provides their data through the forms provided for this purpose on our website or any other channel of collection thereof, they shall be immediately destroyed.

In order to comply with the provisions of Article 4.3 of the LOPD, the recipient of the service undertakes to communicate TEXYON GAMES, SL the changes that occur in their data, in a way that will respond truthfully to their current situation at all times.


TEXYON GAMES, S.L. undertakes to comply with its obligation of secrecy regarding personal data and its duty to keep it and will adopt all necessary technical and organizational measures that guarantee the security of personal data and prevent its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which it is exposed, whether arising from human action or the physical or natural environment developed in Title VIII of the Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21st, which approves the Regulations for the development of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13rd on the Protection of Personal Data.


In compliance with the provisions of LOPD and Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21st, which approves the Regulations for the development, the recipient of the service can exercise, at any time, their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the person in charge of the file or the treatment, attaching a photocopy of their ID.


The manager of the files or treatment is TEXYON GAMES, S.L with address for notifications on C/ Rafael Alberti 6, 1º, 46960, Alaquás, Valencia, Spain.