After the war in Perna, Broccion in Asmara, conflicting forces found themselves in a stalemate. They sought power and Fletta gems to survive. One hundred years afterwards, these gems are lacking and the fuse of conflict has reignited. Unlimited entertainment: Unlimited entertainment:

  • F2P with the possibility of trading with play money for premium objects.
  • Unique Fletta system: level up and improve your skills or charm your items with Fletta points.
  • Massive battles between factions and guilds to control castles and mines that offer great rewards.
  • 4races, 7 classes, 42 professions with 12 unique super abilities.
  • PVP and PVE modes: 1v1 duels from multitudinous sieges with hundreds of users.


In the world of Asmara you need to choose what you want to be. Enjoy the great variety offered by the class system of Rosh Online:

  • WARRIOR: Wield your sword and destroy everything, balance between attack and defense.
  • PALADIN: With this defensive warrior you will protect, heal your allies and counteract wizards.
  • MYSTIC: Their magic has no great damage but thanks to them, your guild will win all the battles.
  • ARCHER: Really powerful warrior and almost untouchable with little defense against enemies.
  • ROGUE: Fast, quiet, fast and with the ability to deliver critical. What else do you want?
  • SORCERESS:: Their magic is able to destroy anyone who stands in their way as well as enhance their allies.
  • GUNNER: Firearms expert, a specialist in both area and attacks on single target. Recharge your weapon and annihilate your enemies.


Weekend Events 17-18 Mar 2018

Hello, Heroes of Asmara!  These are the #WeekendEvents created by...

New Guild Wars Rule Added

Hello, heroes of Asmara!  A new rule com to our beloved community...

Weekend Events 24-25 Feb 2018

Hello, Heroes of Asmara!  These are the #WeekendEvents created by...

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Title: Rosh
Category: TCG, MMO
Platform: Desktop (Windows)
Language: Spanish, English, German and more

Minimum Requeriments
OS: Windows XP
Graphic card: Any compatible with DirectX 9.0c and with 256mb of memory
Internet: ADSL
HDD: 500 MB free