We have very good news for you!

Update 110 is almost here!

Would you like to be the first to fight with new monsters, kill new bosses and enjoy the contents of patch 110 ???

We will open the server for a week (7 days) just for pioneers, during this week you can enjoy:

  • Experience, enchant, fleta, pet, drop and karat x9
  • GM events every day, twice daily.
  • Bosses 4 hour repos
  • Cash shop items 50% discount

But  that’s not all!


We created two boxes for you in the first you will have the opportunity to choose a gift, in the second you will have a surprise from Texyon!

Inside the box you can get as UNIQUE LIMITED EDITION:

  • Phoenix pioneer 40 lvl (options 3% attack and 2% run)
  • Original Pet 1 lvl (standard options)
  • Costume lvl 90
  • Weapon pioneer avatar 1 lvl (standard options Rara)

These items should help you win!

Are Limited edition, these items can only be obtained here and now!


We have created a pioneer access for you (limited places and only during February):

  • Pioneer bronze:  pioneer access (1 week) + 40.000 TX – VIP 30 days + gift box
  • Pioneer silver:  pioneer access (1 week) + 130.000 TX – VIP 60 days + gift box + unique limited box (1 item to choose)
  • Pioneer gold:  pioneer access (1 week) + 410.000 TX – VIP 90 days + gift box + unique limited box (2 items to choose)
  • Pioneer premium: 2 x pioneer access (1 week) + 960.000 TX – 2x VIP 120 days + 2x gift box + 2x unique limited box (all items)

My pioneer friend, I will help you for 7 days will achieve victory!

During this time, 4 hours of repos, drop / experience / fletta / karat / enchant / pet x9 and a lot of interesting and new things from our GM. TX store 7 days -50% off the price.

You want to know more information about this great event, Acquire a pioneer pack!


Are you ready for new news?

  • If we reach 200 pioneers –> we will reveal the date of the 110 patch and special GM events during first week.
  • If we reach 600 pioneers –> reveal new exclusive VIP features and server options.
  • If we reach 1000 pioneers –> reveal new exclusive and unique content for Texyon Games.

Are you ready for this battle?

PIONEERS:  148(next update in 2 days)

UNBANN ME: 0/200

DATE 110 PATCH: ??-08-2020